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Find the right location.

Choose the spot with the freshest hog sign.

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Pour it.

Mix with grain or pour on the ground.

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Keep them coming.

A strong, sweet flavor that lasts for weeks.

Fermented corn

  • Takes 50 lbs. sugar

  • 2 weeks to Ferment

  • Toxic Smell


  • Water-based

  • Low smell

  • Does Not Last

Diesel fuel/burnt motor oil

  • Damages the Environment

  • Illegal

  • Toxic to Wildlife

Wild hogs were destroying my property and I’ve had enough. I pour the corn out, put half a bottle of HogShine on top and walk away. You can catch hogs with the other stuff, but I catch more hogs with HogShine, the stuff just works.
— Rodney Johnson

Having tried everything from fermented corn, cool aid, and burnt fish grease, HogShine is what I use every time now. It’s quick, easy, doesn’t make a mess, stink up my truck, and it just works. Have that stubborn ole boar you can’t catch, get you some HogShine.
— David Ellis, Yawt Yawt

We decided to see if we could toll hogs back to our trap from a mile away. We slowly drove and left a little trail of Hog Shine. The same night we got two boats. We believe in Original Hog shine!!
— Leslie Brown
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At HogShine, we know that you want to be a good steward of your land and part of that means you have to protect your land from pests – like Feral Hogs. How much money have you lost from damaged crops or pastureland due to Feral Hogs? In order to protect your land from Feral Hogs, you need to catch as many Feral Hogs in your trap as possible each time you trap.

The problem is catching Feral Hogs with traditional hog attractants just doesn’t work, and that can make you feel frustrated, defeated, and ready to throw in the towel. Maybe you’ve used fermented corn, sodas, diesel fuel, even burnt motor oil as a hog attractant to lure Feral Hogs to your trap. If so, you know these don’t work well enough to make a dent in the Feral Hog population on your land. You’re dealing with an intelligent pest so you need to catch as many Feral Hogs as possible each time you trap. We believe there’s a better way to catch Feral Hogs, one that maximizes the number of Feral Hogs caught each time you trap so you can protect your land.

We understand the damage Feral Hogs can do to your land and other property. We’ve worked with hundreds of landowners helping them catch more Feral Hogs using HogShine, a ready-to-use hog attractant that can help you trap more Feral Hogs immediately. HogShine has a long-lasting, oil-based formula that brings hogs in faster and closer every time. One pint bottle treats 100 lbs of grain or corn. HogShine has been used by hundreds of landowners to attract more than 100,000 Feral Hogs, and counting.

Here’s how you use HogShine to start catching more Feral Hogs immediately to protect your land:

  1. Choose the right location. Simply find the freshest hog sign spot.
  2. Pour it. Mix HogShine with grain or pour directly on the ground.
  3. Keeps them coming. With a strong smell and sweet flavor, HogShine lasts for weeks.

So, buy HogShine today so you can stop wasting your time and money on other hog attractants that don’t work. You can stop using fermented corn, sodas/kool-aid, diesel fuel, and burnt motor oil, forever.

With HogShine, you’ll attract more Feral Hogs to your trap every time so you can stop Feral Hog infestation and protect your land.


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