Wild hogs were destroying my property and I’ve had enough. I pour the corn out, put half a bottle of HogShine on top and walk away. You can catch hogs with the other stuff, but I catch more hogs with HogShine, the stuff just works.
— Rodney Johnson

Having tried everything from fermented corn, cool aid, and burnt fish grease, HogShine is what I use every time now. It’s quick, easy, doesn’t make a mess, stink up my truck, and it just works. Have that stubborn ole boar you can’t catch, get you some HogShine.
— David Ellis, Yawt Yawt

We decided to see if we could toll hogs back to our trap from a mile away. We slowly drove and left a little trail of Hog Shine. The same night we got two boats. We believe in Original Hog shine!!
— Leslie Brown